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Software for your Specific Business Needs

Custom software development is a method of obtaining superior software due to the advanced functionality provided by a custom solution. Bizkloud provides custom software development services to companies in various industries, based on the experience gained from diverse projects. We are a custom software development firm that creates tailored software solutions for the web and mobile. Our custom software development services cover the entire software development life cycle, from concept to delivery and maintenance. Our software developers create custom software solutions while adhering to business processes to deliver a product that adds tangible value to your company.

How We Help in Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Consulting Services

  • Determine and prioritize business objectives to develop a roadmap for software delivery and monitoring services.
  • Collaborate with our experts to develop a timeline for developing a software solution tailored to your specific business requirements.
  • Attend customized IT and software development consulting workshops with Bizkloud's domain experts.

Web Application Development

  • Create customized web apps or progressive web apps that solve business problems intuitively.
  • Create browser-independent apps that are simple to maintain due to a shared code base across platforms.
  • Create cloud-native web apps that can respond quickly to surges in demand, avoiding high latency and long loading times.

Mobile Application Development

  • Create smart mobile apps that analyze user data and use AI-ML to provide users with personalized experiences.
  • Using Bizkloud's powerful, customizable frameworks to create apps and reduce time to market.
  • In order to continuously improve your applications, incorporate real-time user feedback.
  • Create native, web, hybrid, and PWA applications for iOS and Android. Get our expertise in a variety of languages, SDKs, and frameworks, including Flutter, Vue.js, React Native, and others.

API Development and Integration

  • When developing distributed architectures such as micro services, use an API-driven architecture to maximize flexibility, scalability, and uptime.
  • When implementing open source or third party APIs and integrating them with your existing software/infrastructure, synchronize data across multiple applications.
  • Implement fine-grained access and control policies to ensure security.
  • Increase company-wide automation and integration with a wide range of software systems and subsystems.

UX/UI Consulting

  • Incorporate a design thinking approach that empathizes with user needs and preferences in order to create a product that places the user at the experience of all development efforts.
  • Make use of the expertise of excellent design professionals to create a beautiful user interface that complements an AI-enabled, smart UX that incorporates real-time user feedback.
  • Ensure that UX and technical requirements goes hand in hand without effecting each other.

Legacy and Application Modernization

  • Examine your business and technical requirements. Choose the best of the 5 Rs of modernization- Replace, Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect and Rebuild.
  • Rethink the IT ecosystem to implement architectural enhancements and evolve existing software assets.
  • Integrate analytics for data-driven, actionable insights that improve your bottom line.

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