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Case study - Accelore Solutions

About Company

Accelore Solutions is specialized in Supply Chain solutions, forward and reverse logistics and business process outsourcing. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas Accelore offers an enhanced support structure tailored for client's logistics requirements, as well as support for third-party services and applications.

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  • Location : Austin, TX, USA
  • Industry : Logistic Service
  • Number of Vehicles : 50

Business Challenges

Accelore was having challenges in analyzing and monitoring the data generated by Samsara vehicle telematics. The device offered location tracking and geofencing of 50 vehicles. The project was centered on managing the data generated by the fleet. They wanted to ease the process of analyzing the data for vehicle maintenance, driver management, operations management, fuel wastage, and vehicle idling.

Solution provided by Bizkloud

Once refining their idea with our fine-tuned strategy-building approach, our expert team along with an exclusive Smart Logistic Monitoring Service via NOC analyzed the vast amount of data generated by telematics devices. These reports helped Accelore Solutions in gaining business intelligence information that streamlines its operations. We offered access to live reports and alerts, based on desired periods, such as vehicle speed, vehicle maintenance, fuel wastage, vehicle idling, etc.

Benefits Delivered

Once we offered the analyzed data, Accelore was able to see how their vehicles and drivers are performing in the field and also identified the areas that needed improvement. Accelore was able to automate the maintenance, spot the vehicle speed, identify fuel waste and idling time with the help of data provided by us. This helped Accelore to spot on and mend the areas to keep their business headed in the right direction.